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Scientifically-proven to treat depression!


Are you looking to take care of your anxiety and rid yourself of stress? Psilocybin microdosing will get you better! Medical experiments have discovered the benefits of this natural remedy.


Gives the brain a workout
Rewiring Neurotransmitters

Psilocybin makes the brain create new neural pathways, connecting neurotransmitters to neurons that they don’t usually interact with, giving the brain a workout.


Restores the brain’s balance
Gives the Mind a Reset
It affects the brain’s dormant parts and resets its stress and fear hormones, giving you a pleasant mind, anxiety-free, and more focused.


Relieves anxiety and depression
Longer-Lasting Results
Studies show that depression patients who have undergone psilocybin treatment experience longer-lasting benefits than from other therapies.

Psilocybin Rewires Your Brain

Neuroscientist Morten L. Kringelbach did a recent analysis of magic mushrooms and noticed that with psilocybin, neurotransmitters began firing in unpredictable directions, forging new pathways and associations between neurons that generally do not exist.

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The research findings not only explained what psilocybin does to you. It has led to the development of better medicine and therapies to treat mental illnesses, including microdose products you can find in our store.

Psilocybin Improves Your Wellbeing

Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London professor Mitul Mehta has studied the link between psilocybin and depression and found significant changes in the brain regions involved in depression after just a single dose.

Learn How to Use Psilocybin

Not only do we have efficient metered gummies, capsules, and liquid in our store, but we have all the learning resources that you can use to microdose safely. Discover how you can maximise psilocybin by using the best microdosing method.

Breakthrough With Psilocybin!

After years of research, the psychiatric community has shown how psilocybin enhances people’s mental health. Microdose on psilocybin to relieve stress, improve your mood, focus better, and live a healthy and pleasant life.

Treatment for Depression

Psilocybin significantly affects the brain regions that are related to depression.

Better Focus

It unlocks new neural connections and reactivates its dysfunctional regions, increasing awareness.

Zero Risk of Addiction

Unlike other psychoactive drugs that are highly addictive, psilocybin is safe to use.

Natural Therapy

Earth has provided us the blessing of psilocybin - a non-artificial and organic treatment.

Discover What Psilocybin Studies Say

Psilocybin is a very effective cure for stress. It is the best antidote to anxiety because it is natural and non-addictive.

Many people are immune to synthetic medications and end up overusing their treatments for outcomes. When you take a microdose, your stress is relieved, and your mood is regulated.

Psilocybin is highly effective in treating mental illness. Studies have shown that patients with MDD or major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression react positively to psilocybin for a long time.

Psilocybin is a breakthrough drug, according to the US FDA.

Scientists found that patients had improved moods and eased anxiety that lasted for weeks after psilocybin therapy, while other treatments could not provide results. Patients testify that they have never felt better in a long time, until psilocybin.

Psilocybin relieves tension and helps you concentrate, have better memory, and improve your overall ability to use your brain. It also stimulates your imagination and makes you feel more motivated and uplifted.

Artists and smart minds pursue psilocybin for its potential to open individuals up to states of perception that offer inspiration and heightened insights.

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Some people begin to feel or experience some effects as early as two weeks; however, most of them start to experience results around the 8-week mark.

Some people may not experience anything yet, but people around them will recognize things that have shifted like a mellow mood, improved response to stressful circumstances, noticing vibrant colours more often, improved hearing, and more.

Keep your gummies, liquids, or capsules in a cool dark place away from children and pets.

You can refrigerate the liquid, but you may not freeze it. Keep your edibles and capsules dry, and always place the lid back on after you have taken a dose.

In Canada, you can buy prescription-grade psilocybin products. Psilocybin stores like ours are free to sell psilocybin and microdosing products online or in physical stores.

Although magic mushrooms are illegal on paper, psilocybin is permitted by the Canadian government and the police in the region. Authorities are more concerned with the prevention of hard drugs and other more serious crimes.

Microdosing varies greatly depending on the type of shroom used and the degree of tolerance of the individual. As a result, experienced microdosing individuals advise you to start low while you are at the beginner stage.

We highly recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. Take 125mg Microdoses on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and use the schedule for two months. Then, follow the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month. After that third month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products.

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We have all the help and education you need for successful microdosing. We guarantee that you get the best microdoses in Canada, with products you can use safely and correctly. Visit our guides pages and send us an email for updates on everything psilocybin.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is the most important principle you need to follow in microdosing. Doses must be precise when it comes to quantity and duration so that you have the full impact and reduce the chance of developing a high resistance to psilocybin. Use only efficient edibles from our store. Order $149 worth of items for FREE SHIPPING.

Use Efficient Products

The psilocybin content of magic mushrooms is uncertain and unsuitable for microdosing. They vary in scale, shape, and psilocybin levels. Use simple and reliable distribution systems that are manufactured to suit your microdosing needs.

Microdose for a Better Life

As psilocybin enters the brain’s network, dormant brain pathways are reactivated. The compound activates the neurotransmitters, creates new routes, and gives the brain a workout.

As a result, the brain experiences a ‘reset’ that gives a healing feeling. Anxiety results from an imbalance in the brain’s chemistry, and psilocybin restores equilibrium, preventing the condition.

Treatment-resistant depression patients have long been searching for an alternative drug to use. George Goldsmith, wife Dr. Ekaterina Malievskaia, and Lars Christian Wilde of COMPASS recently made the most significant discovery.

They have successfully found that psilocybin can replace SSRI in treating patients, and as a result, the US Food and Drug Administration declared psilocybin a breakthrough treatment for depression in 2019

Further studies have found that the benefits last longer than other antidepressants, and patients who have tried psilocybin therapy attest that they’ve never felt better for so long.

When you are microdosing with psilocybin, you will acquire a better perspective, resulting in improved focus and better memory.

Psilocybin attracts innovators and well-established intellectuals who seek inspiration from a psychedelic high to have a life-changing experience and awakened creativity.

With psilocybin microdosing, you will get the same effects but without the debilitating effects.

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