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Have fun times in Vansterdam with top-quality psilocybin microdosing products. Microdose to relieve stress and anxiety when in downtown. We ship easy-to-use and scientifically-tested gummies, liquid drops, and capsules right to your doorstep!

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If you’re ever in Vancouver, Canada, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your home or hotel to buy the psilocybin microdose items you need. All you must do is check the North Coast Remedies website, choose a product, and we’ll drop your fix right at your doorstep. 

We are the most accessible online shop for psilocybin microdose medications in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to make it convenient for you to have your hands on microdose gummies, liquids, and capsules.

We don’t. Our products have a legal risk that emanates from their nature as psychoactive drugs or psychedelics, and many territories consider psilocybin tabu or an illicit commodity to be transported, owned or sold. 

For our legal protection and the safety of our customers, if you are presently outside of Canada, we will not send you psilocybin products. We can only ship to you if you’re somewhere in Canada.

We transport products throughout Canada, including British Columbia, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia. 

We provide secure, confidential packaging to protect your identity and for your safety. If there are no unanticipated delays (COVID-caused or others), we will make sure that your package reaches your doorstep for about one to three working days.

We use psilocybe cubensis as the raw resources for our items. North Coast Remedies is at the forefront of psilocybin extraction technology, and we have developed the most reliable way of extracting clean and pure psilocybin extract.  We use the component to make our edibles and liquid drops, mixing them with premium materials to give you convenient microdoses. We pick up raw organic psilocybe cubensis by hand for our capsules. We dry them, grind the dried material and put the powder in high-quality food-grade containers for convenient use.  

Psilocybin goods, such as fresh and dried shrooms, candies, liquids, pills and other products, can be purchased in Vancouver, Canada without the prospect of arrest. The police and the government allow the use of shrooms and psilocybin in Vancouver. 

If you’re in Vancouver and you’re seeking to microdose and help your mental health, or get rid of stress, anxiety and depression, look no further. Just order from our store. 

We have all your microdosing requirements, materials, and learning resources.

Quality Microdose Products in Vancouver

In Vancouver and searching for psilocybin microdose products? Enjoy life in downtown BC with positive moods and zero stress, using our edibles, liquids, and pills. We are your most accessible path to better living with psilocybin. 

Effective Products

Microdose safely with our clinically checked and expertly formulated psilocybin supplements made from natural mushrooms.

Easy Shipping to Vancouver

Xpresspost delivers within 2-4 days to Vancouver. Expect that your products are delivered safely to your door.

Learning Tools for Microdosing

Our site is your reference to everything about psilocybin. Check out our information pages for valuable knowledge on microdosing.


Top Quality Products

Each of our psilocybin treatments contains 100% pure and safe fresh, hand-picked psychedelic mushroom extract. We have the most simple-to-use psilocybin products in Vancouver, BC and across Canada. 


Microdose Items

Our online store has the best options for beginners in psilocybin microdosing. We have Microdose items, including edibles, capsules and flavoured liquids consisting of 125mg of pure psilocybin per portion.

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Low Dose Products

For more experienced consumers, we sell Low Dose supplements in our shop – completely available in Vancouver. We have gums, capsules and liquids containing 250mg of 100% healthy and clean psilocybin per dose. 


Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose with this beautiful and tasty psilocybin delight in Vancouver, BC. Our sweets come in bright orange and pleasant grape flavours that you’ll dig. They are accessible in doses of Microdose (125mg) and Low Dose (250mg) respectively.

Psilocybin Liquid

This microdosing liquid solution is fast-acting and reliable. The delivery system uses medicinal all-natural psilocybin extract at 125mg (Microdose) or 250mg (Low Dose) per 3ml. Choose among flavours: lemon, orange and sour cherry. 


Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose on our lovely little capsule. Our magic pills are some of the most potent delivery methods for psilocybin. Take these like vitamins every two to three days in the mornings for better effect.

How it Works


Choose an Option

Choose from our wide range of psilocybin microdose items and edibles. We have gummies, capsules, and liquid drops that are ideal for use in microdosing. You can take psilocybin doses efficiently and safely with our products, without the nasty taste of shrooms. We have Microdose and Low Dose options that you get to choose from.  


We Prepare Your Order

Once you have confirmed the required psilocybin product you need, we will prepare your order safely, ready for discreet delivery. We ensure that you will only obtain the best psilocybin goods. We use the latest method in extracting psilocybin inside our facility to ensure that our products contain undiluted, natural extracts from magic mushrooms.


Delivery - Fast and Direct

If you ordered from Vancouver, you wouldn’t have to wait long, and you can anticipate your order to arrive as soon as 2-4 banking days. We guarantee that your order is professionally treated and delivered securely, with excellent and discreet packaging for your privacy. Buy $149 worth of FREE shipping.


Microdosing Guides

When you receive your order, you can go straight to our website and find guidance, insightful material, personal stories and expert tips to help you enjoy your items more. We have the latest knowledge and learning tools for microdosing. If you’re in Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada, we have what you need for a fun psilocybin experience.


Enjoy Life

Have fun with your psilocybin supplements. Experience better moods, ease stress and anxiety, cope with addictions and mental illnesses. Increase productivity, improve job efficiency and deepen relationships. It all starts with you – without stress and psychological issues, you’re going to live a happier, more comfortable, and more rewarding life.

Quality Microdosing Products in Vancouver, BC

Easy-to-Use Delivery Systems

Our psilocybin products are of the best standard. They are research lab-tested and clinically reviewed for effectiveness and safety.

Direct to Vancouver Shipping

If you're in Vancouver, BC, all you have to do is place your order then we'll deliver psilocybin products or services to you - no hassle.

Useful Guides

Find out here about how to improve your psilocybin journey with our comprehensive tools and reference pages.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

A Magical Time in Vancouver

Microdose your way to a better life.

Stress Removal

In clinical trials, psilocybin has been shown to elevate the mood and lessen anxiety levels. Improve your life by using our psilocybin products that will make you feel better all day. Microdose and lead a stress-free living with mental clarity and growing awareness.

Efficient Therapy

For years, some people suffering from depression have never been able to find the best medication. Current medical science has shown that psilocybin is beneficial to people who are unresponsive to therapy or who have MDD or major depressive disorder.

Improve Creativeness

Since primitive times, people have been using shrooms as an entheogen for higher consciousness. Many creative people, such as authors, designers and intellectual leaders, use psychedelic mushrooms for enhanced insight.

Microdosing Benefits

If you take a microdose, you will feel the rewards of psilocybin, but to the extent that doesn't keep you from continuing to work - you won't have any slowing down symptoms. Reduce distress and promote mood by microdosing.

Good for Leisure

Suppose you use hallucinogenic mushrooms and psilocybin products for a high. In that case, you may experience surreal hallucinations and derealisation while experiencing an enriched sense of pleasure, and while the effect can be extreme, you will not become addicted.

Microdosing Guidance & Help

Suppose you have a few queries or curiosities about magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing to boost mood or relieve anxiety. In that case, please go over to our FAQs section or our support pages for the details you seek.

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