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Improve Your Mental Health With Psilocybin

Are you looking to treat your anxiety and relieve yourself of stress? Psilocybin treatments can help you to better days!


Microdose to feel better
Stress Relief

Psilocybin is proven to help relieve depression and anxiety for patients studied in medical experiments. You can tap into the drug’s potential to better your mind.


Microdose to improve cognition
Mind Reawakening
Psilocybin can make you more creative, and with its stress-relieving properties, you can become more focused and mindful in everything you do.


Microdose efficiently
Convenient Delivery Systems

Microdose using consistent delivery systems so that you can experience psilocybin treatment efficiently, with a lessened risk of acquiring a high tolerance.

Psilocybin Rebalances Your Brain

When psilocybin enters your system, it triggers the neurotransmitters and enables them to make new pathways that give your brain a needed workout. It rebalances the mind, making your stress levels stable and your mood in control.

Experience A Brain Rebalance

Are you afraid you may be using the wrong amount of shrooms? This is a legitimate concern as you may experience an unexpected trip or develop a high tolerance due to incorrect doses. Use the most reliable and effective products available in our shop.

Psilocybin Improves Your Wellbeing

When you microdose, the effects will be felt by the people around you. They will feel your change, including your mellower mood, and you being less reactive to stressful situations, and more aware of vivid colors and sounds.

Learn the Perfect Way to Microdose

You can avoid making mistakes, unpleasant raw taste, and all the troubles of microdosing with our efficient method – the JT Protocol. Coupled with our products, our microdosing guidelines will help you experience a better life.

Benefit From Microdosing

After years of study, the scientific community has shown how psilocybin supports people’s mental well-being. Microdose to alleviate stress, to change your mood, to concentrate better, and to live a good and enjoyable life.

Treatment for Anxiety

Psilocybin restores and rebalances the brain, relieving it from a depressed state.

Improved Creativity

It opens new neural pathways and reactivates its inactive regions, increasing consciousness.

Zero Risk of Addiction

Psilocybin is safe to use, unlike other psychoactive drugs that are addictive and have adverse effects.

Natural Therapy

Mother Nature has given us the gift of psilocybin. It's non-artificial and organic.

What Psilocybin Can Give You

Yes, psilocybin is an excellent treatment for stress. It is the best alternative remedy for anxiety as it is natural and effective.

Many people are resistant to synthetic treatments and end up overusing their medication for results. Psilocybin is a breakthrough therapy according to the US FDA, after its discovery as able to treat patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

When you microdose, your stress is alleviated, and the mood is controlled.

Psilocybin relieves you of stress and allows you to focus, have better memory, and improves your general ability to use your brain’s potential. It also improves your creativity and gets you more inspired and uplifted.

Psilocybin is being sought for by artists and smart minds for its ability to open people up to states of reality that give inspiration and elevated perspectives.

Yes, psilocybin can treat mental illness. Studies have found that those suffering from MDD or major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression positively respond to psilocybin. 

Scientists have found that the patients enjoyed better moods and relieved stress that lasted for weeks that most medications couldn’t give. In 2019, the US FDA stated that psilocybin is a ‘breakthrough’ therapy, seeing laboratory evidence of the psychoactive’s effects.

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Some people start to feel or notice some effects as early as two weeks; however, most begin to see results around the eight-week mark. 

Some people may not feel anything soon, but the people around them will notice things that have changed like a mellower mood, lessened reactiveness to stressful situations, commenting more on vivid colours, enhanced hearing, and more.

Store your gummies, liquid, or capsules in a cool dark place where they are away from the reach of children and pets.

You may refrigerate the liquid, but do not freeze it. Keep your gummies and capsules dry and always put the lid back on after getting a dose.

You can purchase prescription-grade psilocybin products in Canada. Dispensaries like ours are freely selling magic mushrooms and psilocybin items online or in physical stores. 

While shrooms are illegal on paper, the Canadian government and the police tolerate the use of psilocybin in the country. They are more concerned with removing hard drugs and other more serious crimes.

If the effects of your dosage are long-lasting enough for you, once a week will suffice. The less you’re going to need to take, the better. Although the recommended intake for most people is three days a week, bear in mind that the individual variation in metabolism and physical size per person may matter.

However, we highly recommend the best method that works for most people – the JT Protocol. Microdose 125mg during Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Mornings for two months. Switch to Low Dose 250mg the next month using the same intervals and time.

Take a break with zero doses for one whole week and return to Microdose 125mg doses to start a new cycle.

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We have all the details and instructions you need for efficient microdosing. We ensure that not only do you get the best treatments in Canada but that you use your treatments safely and correctly. Visit our resource pages and send us your email for updates.

Consistency is Key
The most critical concept you must implement in microdosing is efficiency. The doses must be accurate when it comes to quantity and frequencies so you’ll have maximum benefits and reduce the risk of developing a high tolerance to psilocybin. Do this with our expertly formulated products.
Use Efficient Products

The use of fresh or dried shrooms for microdosing is unpredictable. Shrooms differ in size, form, and levels of psilocybin. Use easy and effective delivery systems that are produced to fit your microdosing needs.

Microdose for a Better Life

When psilocybin reaches the brain’s network, it reactivates the inactive neural pathways. The compound arouses the neurotransmitters, builds new channels, and gives the brain a workout. 

As a result, the brain undergoes a ‘reset’ that provides a feeling of healing. Anxiety is the product of unbalanced brain chemistry, and psilocybin restores equilibrium, removing the condition.

If you take a microdose, you can get the advantages of psilocybin without the debilitating effects of a full recreational high. Although the same practices rewire the brain, of course, a trip would have more intense sensations. 

Microdosing will improve your mood and alleviate stress but without the heavy hallucinations of a recreational trip. When you’re high on shrooms, your mixed sense of vision and imagery will prevent you from driving safely or even walking right.

When you are microdosing on psilocybin, you will have a better outlook that results in better concentration and enhanced memory. 

Psilocybin attracts creative people and well-known intellectuals who are trying to find inspiration from a psychedelic high and have a life-changing experience and enhanced creativity. 

When you take a microdose, you can expect to have the brain-stimulating effects of magic mushrooms, but without feeling ‘drunk.’

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