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Get the most efficient microdosing delivery systems in Canada – here in our store! Our Microdose products are made for safe and consistent microdosing. Order now – we deliver within 2-4 days!

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  • Dreamworx Capsules

    Dreamworx capsules are specifically designed to promote healthy sleep cycles while improving overall health and wellness. The combination of Melatonin, Chamomile and 5-HTP work together to maintain a consistent, healthy sleep cycle.
    Each bottle contains 30x capsules.
    • Psilocybin Mushrooms - 50mg 
    • 5-HTP - 10mg
    • Melatonin - 6mg
    • Ginger Root Extract - 50mg
    • Chamomile - 100mg
  • Climaxxx Capsules

    Climaxxx capsules are specifically designed to promote sexual health and boost libido. The combination of cordyceps, ashwaganda and horny goat weed extract work together to increase energy levels, and athletic endurance while increasing your sex drive. We've also added Q10 to support healthy lungs, muscles/joints and to assist in maintaining a healthy weight.
    Each bottle contains 30x capsules.
    • Psilocybin Mushrooms - 50mg
    • Cordyceps Mushrooms - 125mg
    • Horny Goat Weed - 200mg
    • Ashwagandha - 50mg
    • Ginger Root Extract - 50mg
    • Q10 - 10mg
  • Energetix Capsules

    Energetix capsules are specifically designed to increase energy levels and promote post workout recovery. The combination of Chaga, Cordyceps, Caffine and Ashwaganda work together to boost energy levels, athletic endurance and support immune function. The addition of Camu Camu helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and supports heart and cardiovascular health, while Q10 supports healthy lungs, muscles and joints and helps maintain a healthy weight.
    Each bottle contains 30x capsules.
    • Psilocybin Mushrooms - 50mg
    • Cordyceps Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Chaga Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Ashwagandha - 50mg
    • Ginger Root Extract - 50mg
    • Q10 - 10mg
    • Camu Camu - 75mg
    • Caffeine - 100mg
  • Comfort Capsules

    Comfort Capsules are specifically designed to create a relaxed mindset.
    The combination of 5-HTP and Ashwagandha helps to reduce stress and promote a healthy mood and concentration. The addition of Lions Mane helps to fortify immune function, protect against age related cognitive decline and maintain healthy glucose levels. The Niacin helps to convert food to energy and maintain a healthy metabolism.
    Each bottle contains 30x capsules.
    • Psilocybin Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Lions Mane Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Ashwagandha - 100mg
    • Niacin - 50mg
    • Ginger Root Extract - 50mg
    • 5-HTP - 10mg
  • Clarity Capsules

    Clarity capsules are specifically designed to enhance cognitive brain function. The combination of Psilocybin, Lions Mane and Niacin has been proven to support memory, focus and concentration. Lions Mane helps to fortify immune function, protect against age related cognitive decline and maintain healthy glucose levels. The Niacin helps to convert food to energy and maintain a healthy metabolism, as well as benefit heart and cardiovascular health. The addition of Green Tea Extract helps to promote brain health and support overall well being. Each bottle contains 30x capsules.
    • Psilocybin Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Lions Mane Mushrooms - 100mg
    • Niacin - 50mg
    • Green Tea Extract - 150mg
    • Ginger Root Extract - 50mg
  • Psilocybin Microdose Capsules

    From: $59.99
    These microdose capsules are a cheaper alternative to our microdose liquid and microdose gummies. Just as easy to dose as the gummies, these capsules are made using our Amazonian Cubensis. We grind the mushrooms into a fine powder before measuring the precise amount required for a microdose. We add 50mg of ginger to each capsule to help with any stomach discomfort. We offer two strengths, just like our gummies. “Micro” dose (125mg) for the average user, and “Low” dose (250mg) for the experienced user, or for those who need a higher dose. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.
  • TRENDING Microdose Gummy PouchLow Dose Pouch Microdose Gummies

    Psilocybin Microdose Gummies

    From: $59.99
    With our extraction techniques we have perfected the art of extracting psilocybin from the mushroom and creating amazing tasting gummies with it. The gummies we create contain no organic material (no mushrooms) and only the extracted psilocybin. Combining this with our premium gummy recipe makes for a great tasting, easy to consume product. We offer two strengths of our Psilocybin Gummies: -Micro Dose size is 125mg (equivalent) per dose -Low Dose size is 250mg (equivalent) per dose Each pouch contains 30 gummies. This should last about three months based on a “on-off-off” schedule (one gummy every third day).
  • Psilocybin Liquid Microdose

    From: $59.95
    Liquid Psilocybin is a brand new concept in the world of micro-dosing. For centuries, people have soaked their mushrooms in tea and consumed the liquid, but not many have successfully extracted the psilocybin from the mushroom, and created a consumable liquid with the extract. This method sets our product apart from the competition. With our product, we eliminate the organic material, leaving you with only the good stuff. Each bottle contains 30x doses. -Micro Dose size is .125g (equivalent) per dose -Low Dose size is .250g (equivalent) per dose -Available in Lemon and Grape    


Microdosing means taking small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms once per few days so that you can feel the benefits of the active chemical psilocybin without the debilitating effects. To microdose, you can use raw or dried hallucinogenic mushrooms that are farmed or foraged. You can also use psilocybin edibles and other delivery systems.

Microdosing is not like casual use or recreational taking of psychedelic mushrooms. Recreational use is when you take a significantly substantial amount of magic mushrooms to have a high.

When taking a magic mushroom trip, your body’s functions will be affected significantly, and you might not be able to function normally. When you microdose, you will not feel such disabling effects.

The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms is psilocybin which has been studied in labs for decades and found out to help treat a variety of mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. When you microdose, you will experience the lessening of fear, anxious feelings, nervousness, and stress but not coming with the high given by the psychedelic.

When you microdose on shrooms, you will feel pleasant all day and can manage stress gracefully. You will acquire a happy demeanour and an awakened mental state that can help you in your work and relationships.

Microdose on shrooms and become a better non-toxic, stress-free, and joyful person.


The best way to start microdosing is by taking 125mg portions of psilocybin product one per day in the morning every after two to three days. The effects of 125mg can last up to the next day and the other, so you can skip two to three days in between doses.

While you can microdose using raw or dried mushrooms, measuring your dose out with the material can be tricky, and you might end up using wrong amounts. Either you take less and feel no effects or take more and gain a high tolerance to psilocybin.

Use psilocybin edibles and ingestible delivery systems for more efficient and effective microdosing. We have gummies, liquid, and capsules that are expertly measured for optimum microdosing.

We recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. Take 125mg Microdoses on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and stick to the schedule for two months. Then, use the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month. After that month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products.

Microdosing products are psilocybin delivery systems taken orally. The ingestibles and edibles are taken by an individual to feel the benefits of the hallucinogen without the debilitating effects of a full psychedelic mushroom trip.

The products contain consistent amounts of psilocybin and help an individual avoid overdosing or using insignificant amounts that do not help at all. Microdose products are used by people to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and improve their mood.

These products come in many types and categories. The standard measures are Microdose which contain 125mg of the active ingredient psilocybin and Low Dose with 250mg.

There are gummies and liquid which are made from pure psilocybin extract from natural and organic psychedelic mushrooms. There are also capsules or pills which are ground dried magic mushrooms contained in food-safe casings.

Buy psilocybin microdose products from us. Our products are top quality and made from 100% natural shroom ingredients.

We have gummies, liquid, and capsules that are expertly produced and made to give you useful and consistent doses.

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You can find Microdose gummies, capsules, and liquids here in our store. They contain 125mg of psilocybin.

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Microdose Psilocybin Gummies

Have fun with our Microdose gummies containing 125mg all-natural 100% pure psilocybin extracted from hand-picked magic mushrooms. Our 30ml gummy bottles come in orange and grape flavours.


Microdose Psilocybin Liquid

Microdose conveniently with our Microdose psilocybin liquid made with pure psilocybin. Each 3ml dose of liquid contains 125mg of psilocybin that will give you Stress-reduction effects that will last for days.


Microdose Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose effectively with our 125mg Microdose capsules. Our pills are made with powdered dried shrooms encapsulated in a food-grade quality casing. Take them in the morning, dosing as scheduled.


All Products

Our website is packed with microdosing products. We have Microdose items that contain 125mg psilocybin and Low Dose ones containing 250mg. We have choices for beginners and experienced users.


Microdosing Guides

We have resource pages on our website where you can learn more about microdosing, psychedelic mushrooms, and psilocybin. We have complete instructions for using our psilocybin microdose products and more.


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Visit our blog where you will find helpful articles and catch up with the latest in shrooms and its benefits. Hear what’s going on in the field of psilocybin research and find out trends and new ways to microdose.

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Go to our product menu page, and you’ll find what you need. Our Microdose gummies and liquid contain 125mg of 100% pure psilocybin extract per dose, harvested from hand-picked all-organic psychedelic mushrooms. Our magic capsules contain 125mg of ground dried natural magic mushrooms per pill. Take your pick and wait for your order.


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After you place your order, all you need to do is wait for your items to be delivered right at your doorstep. You can trust us that we will only send you the highest quality Microdose products that do not contain harmful ingredients. We carefully produce our microdose edibles and ingestibles so that you can have a safe and pleasant experience.


We Deliver Right at Your Doorstep

We deliver fast, secure, convenient, and efficient. We ship all over continental Canada, and you can expect your MICRO-dose products sent within one to three working days, safe, properly handled, and discreet for your privacy. If your order reaches $149 and above, we ship your items FREE OF CHARGE.


Browse Our Guides

When you receive your Microdose products, you can count on our website to have complete instructions and information about how to use them, what their benefits are, and what you can expect from them. You will also acquire general knowledge about magic mushrooms, microdosing, psilocybin, and its place in the world of medical research.


Have an Awesome Microdose Journey

With our guaranteed effective and lab-tested Microdose psilocybin supplements (gummies, liquid, and capsules), and our rich resource on our website, you will indeed have fun throughout your microdosing journey. You will be relieved of stress and anxiety, and experience better mood and improved creativity.

Effective Microdose Supplements!

Great for Beginners

Our Microdose psilocybin supplements contain 125mg per dosage, which is the right amount to use for beginners.

Zero Raw Taste

Raw and dried magic mushrooms can be intimidating, and they don’t taste pleasant at all, unlike our Microdose products.

Safe Dosing

Experts recommend to start low and keep low as much as possible. Use Microdose 125mg psilocybin products.

Experience Mother Earth’s Best Remedy

Undeniable Benefits of Psilocybin

Breakthrough relief from anxiety and stress.

Lessen Anxiety

Decades of scientific research and experiment shows that psilocybin is an excellent supplement for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. You can benefit from our Microdose products for a better state of mind.

Proven Therapeutic

In the pharmaceutical world, psilocybin has been found to have breakthrough effects on the brain function of people suffering from a major depressive disorder and other mental illnesses. It is a helpful supplement.

Inspired and Wakeful

Psilocybin opens up new brain pathways that give you psychedelic visions and auditory hallucinations that inspire creativity and wakefulness. With psilocybin, you become more aware and inspired.

Benefits of Microdosing

With psilocybin’s capacity to reduce fear, stress, and depression, you can safely microdose using edibles and other ingestible products to make your daily mood better. Take Microdose supplements.

Safe for Recreation

You can safely trip on magic mushrooms without risk of addiction. Psilocybin is powerful, and it remixes your senses, giving you a sense of spirituality and deep understanding - like you are one with the universe.

Helpful Resources

Our website is a gold mine for psilocybin, microdosing, and magic mushrooms information and guides. When you buy Microdose products from us, you can count on our resource pages to have detailed information.

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