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Enjoy a great time in the Pacific Province, stress-free and with an awakened mind. Refresh your mind with our psilocybin microdosing delivery systems that are convenient to use and guaranteed effective. We ship fast to any location in British Columbia.

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If you are in BC, Canada, you don’t have to worry about having to leave the premises of your home just to buy the psilocybin microdosing products that you need. All you need to do is check the North Coast Remedies site, pick your item, and we will deliver your fix right at your doorstep.

We are your most accessible online psilocybin microdosing products dispensary in British Columbia. We make it easy for you to get your hands on microdosing gummies, liquid, and capsules.

No. Our products have a legal sensitivity that comes with their nature as hallucinogens or psychedelics. Many nations consider psilocybin taboo and list it as an illegal item to transport, own, or sell.

For our safety and our clients’ security, if you are currently outside of Canada, we cannot send you any psilocybin product. We will only ship to you if you are in any location within Canada.

We ship all over Canadian locations, including British Columbia, Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

We do discreet unmarked packaging for your privacy and security. If there are no unwanted delays (COVID-caused or others), we make sure that your order will come right at your doorstep within one to three working days.

Yes, we use psilocybe cubensis as the base material for our products. North Coast Remedies is at the forefront of psilocybin extraction technology, and we have developed the most efficient way of harvesting clean and pure extract.

We use the extract to make our gummies and liquid drops, mixing it with high-quality ingredients to provide you with convenient microdoses. For our capsules, we hand-pick raw organic mushrooms, dry them, ground the dried material and put the powder into high-quality food-grade casings for easy use.


In BC, Canada, you can buy psilocybin products, including fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms, gummies, liquid, capsules, and other edibles without fear of incarceration. The authorities, police, and government tolerate the use of shrooms and psilocybin in BC. If you are in BC and looking for microdosing products to improve your mental health and relieve yourself from stress, anxiety, and depression, look no further. Order from our website. We have all of your microdosing needs, products, and learning resources. We are your best option in bc.  

Psilocybin Microdose Products in BC

In British Columbia and looking for your microdosing product? Experience visiting or living in this beautiful place with an uplifted mood and a pleasant mind. We have the best psilocybin microdosing products in BC.

Efficient Products

Our innovative delivery systems will help you intake consistent psilocybin content for effective and efficient microdosing.

Direct Shipping to BC

We have fast and convenient shipping direct to BC. Xpresspost will deliver to you within 2-4 days.

Microdosing Resources

Our website is your microdosing assistant. Browse our guides pages for helpful microdosing information.


Top-Quality Products

All our psilocybin products use 100 per cent pure and safe extract from organic hand-picked magic mushrooms. We have the most easy-to-use psilocybin products in British Columbia and all of Canada.


Microdose Products

Our online store has the best items for psilocybin microdosing beginners. We have Microdose items, including edibles, capsules, and flavoured liquid containing 125mg of pure psilocybin per serving.

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Low Dose Products

For more experienced consumers, we sell Low Dose items in our shop – completely available in BC. We have gummies, capsules and liquid delivering 250mg of 100% clean and pure psilocybin per dose.


Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose with this enjoyable and sweet treat of psilocybin. Our candies come in tangy orange and rich grape flavours, which you will love. They come in doses of Microdose (125mg) and Low Dose (250mg), available in BC.


Psilocybin Liquid

Our microdosing liquid is fast-acting and efficient. The product contains flavoured all-natural psilocybin extract 125mg (Microdose) or 250mg (Low Dose) per 3ml. Choose between flavours: lemon, grape, and cherry.


Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose on our happy little pill. Our magic capsules are one of the most convenient microdose delivery systems for psilocybin. No more bad raw or dried taste, gut-rot, and wrong doses.

How it Works


Take Your Pick

Choose from our vast array of microdose psilocybin items and edibles. We have gummies, capsules, and liquid drops which are suitable for microdose use. With our products, you can use psilocybin consistently and safely and without the bitter flavour of shrooms. We’ve got the MICRO and LOW doses you can choose from.


Our Preparation

Once you have selected the appropriate psilocybin product you need, we will prepare your order securely and discreetly for shipment. We guarantee that you will only acquire the highest quality psilocybin items. We use the best method in the extraction of psilocybin in our lab, ensuring pure, all-natural extract from real shrooms in our products.


Fast & Direct Delivery

If you are ordering from BC, you don’t need to wait for long, and you can expect your order to arrive as soon as 2-4 working days. We see to it that your order is handled safely and delivered securely, with excellent and discreet packaging for your privacy. Order $149 worth of items and up for FREE SHIPPING.


Microdosing Resources

When you receive your order, you can go back to our website and check directions, useful posts, testimonials, and professional guidance on how to thoroughly enjoy your purchases. We have the best tools and learning materials for microdosing. Whether you are in BC or anywhere in Canada, we have what you need for an enjoyable microdosing journey.


Have Fun

Have fun with our items and have a good time with psilocybin. Experience better moods, reduced stress and anxiety, help for addiction and mental problems, increased creativity and job performance, and improved relationships. It all begins with you – without mental issues, you will live a healthier, more happy, and prosperous life.

The Best Microdosing Products in British Columbia

Convenient Products

Our psilocybin products are of the highest quality. They are laboratory-tested and clinically validated.

Direct to BC Shipping

If you are in British Columbia, you can place your order, and we will deliver psilocybin products directly to you.

Useful Guides

Discover more on how to improve your psilocybin experience with our comprehensive content and manuals.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

Experience Magic in British Columbia

Microdose your way to a better life.

Stress Relief

Psilocybin has been shown to enhance mood and minimise feelings of anxiety and nervousness in clinical studies. Use our psilocybin products to feel better all day, and lead a stress-free life with improved mood and enhanced awareness.

Effective Therapy

For decades, most depressed patients often struggled to find the best care. Latest medical research has revealed that psilocybin is beneficial for those who are resistant to therapy and who have MDD or major depressive disorder.

Better Creativity

People have always used shrooms as an entheogen for spiritual connection since prehistoric times, until now. Many innovative people, such as musicians, inventors, and intellectual influencers, use psychedelic mushrooms for stimulation.

Microdosing Benefits

Once you microdose, you will feel the rewards of psilocybin, but at a degree that doesn't keep you from functioning - you won't have decelerating side effects. Microdosing is useful for anxiety control and mood improvement.

Safe for Recreation

When you use magic mushrooms and psilocybin products for a trip, you will encounter psychedelic visions and hallucination while experiencing an enhanced sense of euphoria. While the high can be powerful, you will not become addicted.

Microdosing Guide & Support

Suppose you have some queries or curiosities regarding magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing for mood change or depression care. In that case, you should go to our FAQs page or our resources section for the details you need.

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