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Discover the magic of psilocybe cubensis


Psilocybin, the active ingredient in psilocybe cubensis has been found to affect areas of the brain that are linked to depression. It is a natural magic treatment that you can microdose to improve your life.


Giving the brain a one-two combo
Rewiring Neurotransmitters

It allows the brain to develop new neural pathways, connecting neurotransmitters to neurons that they usually do not communicate with, giving the brain a workout.



Giving the brain a reset
Restores Balance in the Brain
It triggers the brain’s dormant parts and lowers its anxiety and fear hormones, giving you a relaxed mind, stress-free, and more positive.


Healing depression
Long-Lasting Results
Studies indicate that depression patients who have been treated with psilocybin report longer-lasting effects than with most treatments.

Psilocybin Remixes Your Brain

Neuroscientist Morten L. Kringelbach made a recent study of shrooms, noting that with psilocybin, neurons started firing in interesting directions, opening up new pathways and connections between receptors that usually do not exist.

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The study’s results have not only clarified what psilocybin can do to you. It has contributed to the development of improved medications and treatments for mental illness, including microdose products that can be found in our shop.

Set Yourself Free From Anxiety

Professor Mitul Mehta from the  Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London researched the connection between psilocybin and depression and noticed substantial changes in the brain regions associated with depression after just a single dose.

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Not only do we have convenient metered edibles, pills, and liquid in our shop, but we have all the learning tools that you can use for healthy microdosing. Visit our guides page and learn all about psilocybin mushrooms, their effects, psilocybin, and microdosing.

Microdose Towards Better Days!

After years of study, the medical community has seen how psilocybin improves people’s mental health. Microdose to alleviate stress, improve your mood, concentrate better, and live a healthy and enjoyable life.

Cure for Depression

Psilocybin positively affects the parts of the brain that are associated with depression.

Excellent for Cognition

It opens up new neural connections and reactivates its dormant regions, increasing awareness.


Psilocybin is not like other psychoactive drugs that are highly addictive.

Completely Organic

Our psilocybin products come from natural ingredients, including extract and powder.

Discover How Psilocybin From Mushrooms Benefit the Brain

The primary substance in magic mushrooms is psilocybin, which has been examined in laboratories for ages and has been shown to help treat a number of mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. When you take a microdose, you will feel the lessening of discomfort, anxiety, nervousness, and pressure, but you will not feel the psychedelic highness.

When you take a microdose, you can feel relaxed all day and handle stress gracefully. You will gain a pleasant mindset and an awakened mental state that will benefit you in your work and relationships.

Microdose on magic mushrooms and become a happier, non-toxic, stress-free, joyful individual.

Psilocybin is a powerful depression cure. It’s the best remedy for anxiety because it is non-addictive and natural.

Many individuals are resistant to synthetic medicines and end up overusing their medications. Psilocybin, according to the US FDA, is a revolutionary drug and has been identified as capable of helping patients with treatment-resistant depression.

Scientists found that test patients acquired improved moods and reduced anxiety that lingered for weeks after psilocybin therapy. Patients attest that they have never felt relieved in a long time, until psilocybin.

When you take a microdose, your anxiety will be relieved, and your mood will be controlled, but without the debilitating effects of a recreational high.

Psilocybin relieves anxiety and helps you focus, have stronger memory, and improve your overall ability to use your intellect. It stimulates your imagination and helps you feel more inspired and awakened.

Artists and smart minds are seeking psilocybin because of its ability to open individuals up to states of perception that deliver stimulation and elevated insight.

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Are you looking for products and guidelines for microdosing? North Coast Remedies is Canada’s most preferred company providing effective psilocybin delivery systems and guidance for safe and effective microdosing.


We recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. Take 125mg Microdoses on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and stick to the schedule for two months. Then, use the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month. After that month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products.

Although you can take a microdose with raw or dried magic mushrooms, calculating the dose with the material can be challenging, and you may end up with the wrong amount. Either you take less and experience no impact or take more and build a strong tolerance for psilocybin.

Use psilocybin edibles and ingestible delivery systems to make microdosing more efficient and safe. We have gummies, liquids, and capsules that are masterfully measured for optimal microdosing.

Some people begin to notice or observe some results as early as two weeks; however, most of them begin to experience effects around the 8-week mark.

Some individuals may not feel anything yet, but people around them may notice things that have changed like a mellow mood, improved reaction to challenging situations, frequently noticing vivid colors, better hearing, and more.

Store your gummies, liquids, or capsules in a cool dark place away from kids and animals.

You may refrigerate the liquid, but keep it unfrozen. Keep your edibles and pills dry, and always put the bottle’s lid back on after you have taken a dose.

In Canada, you can buy prescription-grade psilocybin products. Psilocybin stores like ours are free to sell magic mushrooms and psilocybin products online or in physical stores.

Although psychedelic mushrooms are illegal on paper, psilocybin is permitted by the Canadian government and the police in the region. Authorities are more concerned with the prevention of hard drugs and other more serious crimes.

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We’ve got all the information and assistance you need for fruitful microdosing. We ensure that you will get the best microdoses in Canada, with items that you can use safely and effectively. Visit our guide pages and give us your email ad for updates on the microdosing world.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is the most critical concept that you need to observe in microdosing. Doses must be accurate when it comes to quantity and frequency to have the maximum effects and reduce the risk of developing high resistance to psilocybin. Do this with our expertly crafted edibles, capsules, and liquids. Order $149 worth of products for FREE SHIPPING.

Use Efficient Products

The psilocybin content of fresh or dried shrooms is unpredictable and can be risky for microdosing. Shrooms vary in size, form, and psilocybin content. Use easy and efficient delivery systems that are intentionally made for microdosing.

Microdose for a Better Life

When psilocybin reaches the brain’s network, inactive brain receptors are rebooted. The compound stimulates the neurotransmitters, generates new pathways, and gives the brain a workout.

As a result, the brain goes through a ‘reset’ that provides a healing feeling. Anxiety is the product of a brain chemistry dysfunction, and psilocybin restores equilibrium, preventing the condition.

Treatment-resistant depression patients have since been looking for an alternative medication to use. George Goldsmith, his wife Dr. Ekaterina Malievskaia, and Lars Christian Wilde of COMPASS have recently made one of the most important discoveries.

Studies have shown that psilocybin can replace SSRI in the treatment of depressed patients. As a result, the US Food and Drug Administration deemed psilocybin a breakthrough treatment for depression in 2019.

Further tests have shown that the effects last longer than other antidepressants, and individuals who have tried psilocybin therapy have testified that they have never felt better for so long.

When you are microdosing with psilocybin, you can gain a better perception, resulting in increased concentration and enhanced memory.

Psilocybin attracts innovators and well-established intellectuals who seek inspiration from the psychedelic high of shrooms to have a life-changing experience and ignited imagination.

With psilocybin microdosing, you can have the same effects, but without crippling effects.

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