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Get Psilocybin in Nova Scotia!

Enjoy a great time in the Pacific Province, stress-free and with an awakened mind. Refresh your mind with our psilocybin microdosing delivery systems that are convenient to use and guaranteed effective. We ship fast to any location in British Columbia.

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If you’re in Nova Scotia, Canada, and you’re searching for microdosing goods. All you need to do is open the North Coast Remedies website, pick a product, and we’ll get your psilocybin right to your location.  We are the best online store offering convenient solutions for psilocybin microdosing in NS, Canada. We aim to make it easier for you to obtain microdose edibles, liquids, and pills.  

No, we can not export products to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, or any other area beyond Canada. Our supplies have an intrinsic legal risk arising from their designation as psychoactive substances or psychedelics, and many local jurisdictions identify or mark psilocybin as tabu or illegal. 

We will not export psilocybin products outside of Canada to guarantee our company and our buyers’ security. We can only offer products to you when you’re in any area within Canada.

We recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. Take 125mg Microdoses on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and stick to the schedule for two months. Then, use the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month. After that month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products.

We use psilocybe cubensis as the source of psilocybin extract for our items. North Coast Remedies is on the frontier of psilocybin science. We have put in place the most reliable methods for developing safe and reliable psilocybin products. 

We use psilocybin concentrate to make our gummies and liquid. We mix the extract with high-grade materials and flavours to make your microdoses enjoyable and straightforward. We utilise organic magic mushrooms for our capsules. We dry psilocybe cubensis, grind the dried product, and encapsulate the substance in high-quality food-grade pills for effective microdosing.

Psilocybin products, including fresh or dried psychedelic mushrooms, edibles, liquids, capsules, and other products, can be freely purchased in Nova Scotia, Canada. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of violating the law because the authorities in Canada’s Ocean Playground are tolerant of people who enjoy psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin products.  If you’re in Nova Scotia and you’re looking for microdose supplies to boost your psychological well-being, you’ll find what you need in our store. Live a healthy life with our microdosing edibles, capsules, and liquid. Say good-bye to tension, anxiety, and depression.  

Get Microdose Products in Nova Scotia - Fast!

Are you trying to look for high-quality products for microdosing psilocybin in Nova Scotia? Enjoy a great life with psilocybin products in the Bluenoser Province. We’ve got all the easy-to-use munchables, flavored fluids, and capsules for your convenience.

Lab-Checked Products

Our experts meticulously create the best psilocybin microdose delivery systems in our laboratory. We give you effective solutions.

Fast Delivery to Nova Scotia

We deliver to all of Nova Scotia - no hassle, no delay. We use Xpresspost to deliver within 2-4 days.

Guides for Microdosing

Our site is your dependable guide when it comes to psilocybin. Visit our content pages to find valuable insights about microdosing.


Effective Products

Our psilocybin products are made from natural psychedelic mushrooms. If you are in NS or elsewhere in Canada, you can find the easiest-to-use psilocybin delivery systems in our online shop. We easily meet your microdose needs.


Microdose Options

Our online shop has the safest microdosing alternatives for starters. We offer Microdose items, such as edibles, capsules, and flavored liquids, containing 125mg psilocybin per portion. These products are conveniently available in the lovely Land of Evangeline.

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Low Dose Options

We offer Low Dose products in our store geared to more experienced psilocybin consumers in Nova Scotia. We sell edibles, ingestibles, and liquids in different flavours containing 250mg psilocybin per dosage.


Psilocybin Gummy Candies

Microdose with this beautiful, sweet psilocybin treatment in NS, Canada. Our sweet gummy product is made of delicious orange and grape flavours. With gummies, you can microdose without an unpleasant shroom taste. Choose from options of Microdose (125mg) and Low Dose (250mg) doses.


Psilocybin Liquid

Our fast-acting psilocybin liquid is formulated for optimum microdosing. We use 100% pure shroom extract, along with excellent ingredients and flavours, to provide you with this superb psilocybin aid. Choose from a number of yummy flavours, including grapes, lemon, and sour cherry.


Psilocybin Capsules

We have high-quality psilocybin delivery systems for you. We offer shroom capsules containing 100% dry ground psilocybe cubensis for easy and reliable microdosing. Choose between 125mg Microdose and 250mg Low Dose choices for all of your microdosing needs.

How it Works


Choose an Option

Browse the psilocybin microdose items menu on our website. Choose between our edibles, liquids, and capsules and pick the best dosage for you. Microdose (125mg) is available for beginners and Low Dose (250mg) for higher-dose users. Buy now, and if you purchase $149 or more worth of items, you are eligible for FREE Shipping.


We Prepare Your Order

We take good care of your products from formation to packaging and delivery. We inspect everything you purchase, prepare your order safely and discreetly, and send it quickly. We ensure that your product is not destroyed and that it remains in tip-top shape when it comes to you.


Delivery - Fast and Direct

We ship your items through Xpresspost. You can expect your products to arrive within 2-4 working days, provided there are no unanticipated disruptions. We’ll give you a tracking number so that you can manage and monitor your shipment. Your order will be discreetly labelled in order to protect your anonymity.


Microdosing Guides

When your goods arrive, you can follow expert guidance about how to best use your items right on our website. We provide details, explanations, directions, guides, and testimonials on the NCR resources page for your convenience. With these guides, you can have an absolutely stellar time microdosing.


Enjoy Life

Enjoy our psilocybin microdose products for a less stressful life. Expect a positive mood, a more constructive inspiration, a healthy outlook, and a lovely life with psilocybin. Enjoy better relationships with people at work, friends, and loved ones, and become a lot happier. Do not delay and begin your journey towards a healthier life with psilocybin.

Top Quality Microdosing Products in NS

Hassle-Free Delivery Systems

If you are in Nova Scotia, Canada, we are your best option for quality psilocybin microdose items. We have the safest, most effective products.

Direct Shipping to Nova Scotia

We have removed every trouble for people in need of shroom items in NS, Canada. Order now, and we will ship to you directly.

Useful Guides

Find out how you can use the psilocybin items that you receive from us efficiently with our online resources and helpful articles.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

An Inspired Time in Nova Scotia

Microdose your way to a better life.

Stress Reduction

Anxiety and depression are inevitable facets of our modern, busy world. Sustain yourself with a natural, calming treatment. Psilocybin helps to relieve stress and to improve mood. Psilocybin microdosing gives you pleasant days in the Sea Bound Coast.

Therapeutic Products

Psilocybin is a revolutionary drug for MDD or major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant anxiety. It helps to rebalance the mental state and rewire and reset the brain, eliminating stress and easing up the mind. Psilocybin is the perfect natural cure for you.

Improving Creativity

Our ancestors often used magic mushrooms as entheogens for spiritual purposes. They used psychedelics to bring about the mystical experience and enlightenment that creative minds and inventive people seek. Microdose for an inspired imagination.

Effective Microdosing

Microdosing is a way to take low quantities of psilocybin at set times so that you can reap all the effects of the drug without getting a high psychedelic side effect. We manufacture the best supplements for convenient microdosing.

Excellent for Casual Uses

Tripping with shrooms is a powerful experience, leaving casual or recreational users with remixed senses, spiritual perceptions, heightened emotions, and visualization. The positive news is that psilocybin is not addictive and is a healthy psychedelic to use for pleasure.

Psilocybin Guidance & Help

If you need advice or guidance on microdosing, you can rely on our website. We have the most up-to-date and reliable studies on psilocybin. Provide us with your email and contact information, read our FAQs page, or read our resource pages.

FREE SHIPPING for orders $149 and up

100% safe and effective

Excellent for Microdosing