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Are you looking for top-quality and easy-to-use psilocybin delivery systems? Don’t worry – if you are in the Bread Basket of Canada, we got you covered. We have lab-tested delivery systems for convenient and efficient microdosing.

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If you’re ever in Saskatchewan, Canada, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your house or space to get the psilocybin fix you need. All you need to do is navigate the North Coast Remedies website, pick an item, and we’ll deliver your remedy directly at your doorstep. 

We are the most convenient online retailer for psilocybin microdose treatments in SK, Canada. Our objective is to make it convenient for you to get microdose edibles, liquids and pills.

No, we do not ship to the US or other countries. Our items have an apparent legal uncertainty that stems from their classification as psychoactive drugs or psychedelics, and some states and territories find or consider psilocybin tabu among prohibited commodities. 

For the sake of the safety of our business and customers, we will not ship psilocybin products outside Canada.  We’re only going to deliver to you while you’re in the country.

We highly recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. It is the best way to microdose.

Take 125mg Microdoses on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings. Stick to the schedule for two months.

Then, use the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month. After that month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products.

We use psilocybe cubensis as a source of psilocybin extract for our supplies. North Coast Remedies is at the frontier of psilocybin manufacturing technology, and we have developed the most successful method to harvest fresh and pure shroom extract. 

We use psilocybin extract to make our edibles and liquid drops by mixing it with high-quality materials and flavours to give you useful and fun microdoses. We use raw organic shrooms for our capsules. We dry them, grind the dried material and encapsulate the powder in high-quality food-grade pills for convenient microdosing usage.

You are allowed to buy psilocybin products such as fresh and dried psilocybin, edibles, flavoured liquids, capsules and other items openly when you are in Saskatchewan, Canada. You shouldn’t have to think about the risk of breaking the law, since the police and the government are tolerating people enjoying dried psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin products in the province. 

When you’re in Saskatchewan, and you’re searching for a microdose product to improve your mental wellbeing order from our shop. Live your life free from stress, anxiety and depression, with our microdosing products. 

We have all your needs for microdosing, including online tools and educational materials. Our website is not only an online shop but a valuable source of tips and guidance on microdosing.

Excellent Microdose Products in Saskatchewan

Are you looking for high-quality psilocybin microdose products in Saskatchewan? Enjoy a wonderful life with psilocybin supplements in Canada’s Breadbasket. We have easy-to-use edibles, flavoured liquids, and pills for your microdose needs.

Lab-Checked Products

Our experts produce the best microdosing psilocybin products in our laboratory, ensuring that our items deliver efficiently.

Fast Delivery to Saskatchewan

We ship quickly and directly to Saskatchewan.Xpresspost will deliver within 2-4 days.

Guides for Microdosing

Our site is your complete guide to everything related to psilocybin. Browse our information pages for helpful insights on microdosing.


High-Quality Products

All of our psilocybin treatment options are produced from pure psychedelic mushroom ingredients. We have the simplest-to-use psilocybin supplements in SK and throughout Canada. Get our edibles and other convenient psilocybin delivery systems. 


Microdose Options

Our online shop has the best options for beginners in the world of microdosing. We supply Microdose products, such as edibles, pills and blended liquids, containing 125mg of psilocybin per serving.   
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Low Dose Options

We offer low-dose items in our store for more seasoned psilocybin consumers. We have made all of our options conveniently available in Saskatchewan. We have edibles, capsules and liquids containing 250mg of 100% psilocybin per dose.


Psilocybin Gummy Candies

Microdose with this lovely and fun psilocybin remedy in SK, Canada. Our candy comes in tasty orange and grape flavours for your sweet tooth – no more nasty shroom taste. They are available in Microdose (125mg) and Low Dose (250mg) options. 


Psilocybin Liquid

Use liquid psilocybin for an immediate hit. We use 100% pure psilocybin extract. We mix it with quality ingredients and flavours to provide you with this efficient psilocybin delivery system. Pick among grape, lemon, and sour cherry flavours for pleasant microdosing.


Psilocybin Capsules

Shroom capsules are some of the best forms of psilocybin microdosing delivery systems when it comes to efficiency. Our capsules are made from powdered ground shrooms that we carefully handpicked, process, and measure out for consistent doses.

How it Works


Choose an Option

Check out our psilocybin microdosing product menu and pick among our gummies, liquids, and capsules. Choose the right dose for you – we have Microdose (125mg) for beginners and Low Dose (250mg) for those wanting higher concentrations. Check out, and if you buy items worth $149 and above, you are entitled to FREE SHIPPING.


We Prepare Your Order

We carefully prepare your products from conception to packaging and readying up for delivery. We quality-check each item you buy, safely and discreetly wrap your order, and qualify it for fast shipping. We ensure that your product will not be spoiled and that they will remain at tip-top shape when they arrive at your doorstep.


Delivery - Fast and Direct

We ship through Xpresspost, and you can expect your package to arrive within 2-4 days working days, given there are no uncontrolled delays. You will receive a tracking number by which you can monitor and follow-up your delivery. Your package will be discreetly labelled for your privacy. All you have to do is wait.


Microdosing Guides

When your items arrive, you will have expert help in using them. Our website is chock full of information, details, instructions, guides, and testimonials about microdosing. You can use these resources to see to it that you will have a good time microdosing and that you are doing it correctly. Go to our guides pages for help and advice.


Enjoy Life

With our psilocybin microdosing products in your life, you will have less stress, improved moods, better creativity, enhanced focus, and a better experience. You can enjoy your career and relationships better and become a happier person. Don’t wait for long and take the first step to better living with psilocybin. We can help get you there.

Top Quality Microdosing Products in SK

Hassle-Free Delivery Systems

We sell top-quality psilocybin microdose delivery systems in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our products are safe, reliable and suited for microdosing.

Direct Shipping to Saskatchewan

We have removed all the hassles for anyone looking for shroom products in SK, Canada. All you need to do is order and we ship.

Useful Guides

Find out here how much you can maximise your psilocybin experience with our online resources and insightful guides.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

A Magical Time in Saskatchewan

Microdose your way to a better life.

No More Stress

Living in our modern society causes people to experience anxiety, and many have become depressed and tired. Psilocybin is clinically known to help relieve stress and control mood. Treat your mind and microdose with psilocybin to feel better.

Therapeutic Psilocybin

For several years, people with treatment-resistant depression and those with MDD or Major Depressive Disorder have been trying to find the best medication to support them. Thankfully, research has recently shown that psilocybin is the wonder drug they've been waiting for.

Genuine Inspiration

Humans have a long history with magic mushrooms. Our ancestors used the hallucinogen to achieve the spiritual consciousness and enlightenment which musicians, brilliant minds, and innovative people are now seeking. Inspire the spirit with microdosing.

Microdosing Benefits

Microdosing is the process of taking small doses of psilocybin at fixed intervals so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the substance without the adverse side effects of a complete psychedelic high. We've got the right materials to use for microdosing.

Excellent for Leisure

Getting high on shrooms can be an intense experience, giving casual or recreational users amplified consciousness, spiritual interactions, enriched exhilaration, and hallucinations. The positive news is that psilocybin isn't addictive and safe to use for recreation.

Microdosing Guidance & Help

If you need some guidance or instruction for microdosing, you can rely on our site for the newest and most reliable details on psilocybin. Drop your email ad and contact information, visit our FAQs page, or read our resource pages.

FREE SHIPPING for orders $149 and up

100% safe and effective

Excellent for Microdosing