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You can find a wide variety of safe and high-quality psilocybin edibles in our North Coast Remedies Store. Choose from our Microdose (125mg psilocybin content) or Low Dose (250mg psilocybin content) capsules, gummies, or liquid

Our liquid and gummies come in lovely flavours. Our psilocybin gummies come in orange and grape flavours while our psilocybin liquid comes in lemon, grape, and sour cherry.

Choose your product, add to cart, make sure you pick all that you need, and check out. You can use any major credit or debit card.

Then, wait for your delivery, and enjoy. Don’t forget to check our guides on the website for successful microdosing.

While you can microdose using fresh or dried magic mushrooms, the variety of species and size makes the concentration of psilocybin in raw material unpredictable. For inexperienced users who plan to microdose, it can be dangerous to use fresh or dried magic mushrooms as they might risk themselves to wrong doses which can lead to developing unwanted tolerance or having accidental trips.

The best products to use for microdosing are metered delivery systems such as capsules, gummies, and psilocybin liquid.

Capsules contain correctly measured powdered dried psilocybe cubensis, gummies are made from 100% pure psilocybin extract mixed with candy ingredients, and psilocybin liquid made by dissolving extract with flavourings.

These ingestibles contain the right and consistent amount of psilocybin for microdosing.

Our products have a particular legal sensitivity that comes with its nature as hallucinogens or psychedelics, and many countries consider psilocybin taboo or illegal so we cannot ship across borders easily.

Hence, we only ship to all locations within continental Canada.

We do discreet unmarked shipping for your privacy and security. Unless there are unwanted delays (COVID-caused or calamities and social disruptions), we see to it that your order is delivered within one to three working days.

Yes, our psilocybin products are made with psilocybin extracted or taken from magic mushrooms. Our products are all-natural in origin and are merely mixed with ingredients rather than artificially processed.

We do not use synthetically produced psilocybin in our products and edibles. Our laboratory has perfected psilocybin extraction from magic mushrooms. We can get 100% pure and clean psilocybin which allows us to make products that do not have the disgusting taste of raw material.

Our capsules are made with ground dried psilocybe cubensis and food-grade casing.

In Canada, you can openly buy psilocybin products like fresh or dried shrooms, gummies, liquid, capsules, and other edibles. The police and government allow people to enjoy magic mushrooms and psilocybin even if technically, or on paper, they are illegal.

Many Canadians are now enjoying the benefits of microdosing, especially with convenient delivery systems being made available. It is also not hard to find out how one can start reducing anxiety and livening the mood with psilocybin as there is widely available knowledge and guidance online.

Here in our site, you will find the best knowledge resources that you need for a better journey in life with psilocybin, and at the same time, you will find the best microdose products available in Canada.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Microdosing

Have you heard about the benefits of magic mushrooms and how it makes the mood better and reduces anxiety? If you are looking out to try it for yourself, you are in the right store. We have all the knowledge and products that you need.

High-Quality Products

We have easy-to-use delivery systems, including gummies, capsules, and liquid drops, No need to weigh your doses.

Fast Shipping

Order now and we will get your psilocybin to your doorstep within two to four days, anywhere in Canada.

Complete Guide

Don’t know how to microdose? Our site is full of the best resources, with news, guides, and articles that you need.


High-Quality Products

All of our psilocybin products use 100% clean and pure extract from all-natural hand-picked magic mushrooms. We have the most convenient edible forms of psilocybin that you will highly enjoy.


Microdose Products

Our online dispensary has the best psilocybin products for beginners. We have Microdose products, including gummies, capsules, and liquid drops that contain 125mg of pure psilocybin per dose.

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Low Dose Products

For more advanced users, we have low-dose products in our store, including gummies, capsules, and liquid drops containing 250mg of 100% clean and pure psilocybin extract for every dose.


Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose with this fun and sweet gummy psilocybin treat. Our candies come in tangy orange and deep grape flavours that you will love, and they come in MICRO (125mg) and LOW (250mg) doses.


Psilocybin Liquid

Our liquid is a fast-acting psilocybin delivery system. Our liquid contains flavoured all-natural psilocybin extract – one 3ml serving and you’re good! Choose between our flavours: lemon, cherry, and grape.


Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose on our happy pill. Magic capsules are one of the most convenient psilocybin delivery systems for microdosing. Take them like your vitamins in the morning for anxiety reduction and better mood.

How it Works


Choose from Our Menu

Pick from our wide variety of psilocybin microdose products and edibles. We have gummies, capsules, and liquid drops that are safe for microdose usage. With our products, you can take psilocybin consistently and comfortably without the unpleasant taste of shrooms. We have Microdose and Low Dose items that you can choose from.


We Prepare for Shipping

Once you have chosen the right psilocybin product or edible, we will pack your order safely and discreetly, and prepare it for shipping. We ensure that you will only receive the best quality psilocybin product, and to do this. We use the latest techniques in psilocybin extraction in our laboratory. We use only organic, all-natural extract from real shrooms.


Fast & Direct Delivery

You don’t have to wait for long after checkout. We deliver within 2-4 days all throughout Canada via Xpresspost. We will ensure that your items are safely handled and shipped securely, with excellent packaging and discreet labelling. We ship to any location within continental Canada.


Microdosing Resources

When you receive your package of excellent psilocybin products, you can come back to our website and find how-to guides, helpful articles, testimonials, and expert advice on how you can fully enjoy your items. We have everything you need to have a fun microdosing experience, from the best products to the best learning resources.


Have Fun

Have fun with our products and enjoy your better days with psilocybin. You will have brighter moods, decreased stress and anxiety, help in addiction and PTSD, improved creativity and work capacity, and better relationships. It all starts in you – without stress and mental breakdowns, you can live a better and more peaceful, productive life.

Convenient Microdosing for You!

Quality Products

Our psilocybin products are top-quality, lab-checked, and scientifically proven for your microdosing needs.

Xpresspost Shipping

Order your psilocybin in Canada today! Deliveries arrive within 2-4 days nationwide.

Helpful Guides

Learn more about how you can maximise your psilocybin experience from our rich articles and guides.

Your Magic Remedy

Experience the Wonderful Benefits of Psilocybin

Better relief from anxiety and stress.


Psilocybin has been proven in scientific research to improve the mood and reduce feelings of fear and nervousness. Our psilocybin products are useful in making you feel better throughout the day.

Medical Miracle

For years, many patients suffering from depression have struggled to find the right treatment. Recent medical research has found psilocybin effective for those who are treatment-resistant and having MDD or Major Depressive Disorder.

Inspiration & Awakening

Humans have been using magic mushrooms since ancient times as an entheogen for spiritual awakening, until now. Many creative individuals like artists, inventors, and intellectual influencers resort to psychedelic mushrooms for inspiration


When you microdose, you experience the benefits of psilocybin, but at a level that does not hinder you from working - you will not have the debilitating side effects of a full high. Microdosing is suitable for managing anxiety and bettering the mood.

Recreational Use

When you use psilocybin products to have a trip, you will experience psychedelic visuals and auditory hallucinations while having a heightened feeling of euphoria and while the high can be intense, you will not become addicted to the substance.

Usage Guide & Support

Suppose you have any questions or curiosities about magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing for mood improvement or treatment of depression. In that case, you can go to our FAQs page or our resource section for the information that you need.

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