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All of our dry magic mushrooms are grown using local, organic mushroom farmers who focus on quality control and providing the best possible product. Everything from the substrate to the culture uses the highest quality ingredients available.
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  • Penis Envy

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    Penis Envy has been known to be the most potent strain of psilocybe cubensis known to man. The high is much more intense, visual and euphoric than other cubensis mushrooms. The strain originated from deep in the Amazon Rainforest, where Terrance Mckenna, who took a few spore prints back to the USA to cultivate and share with other mycologists. Over time, the strain was refined until it mutated into the Penis Envy that we know and love today.  It has a much higher ratio of psilocin/psilocybin which contributes to the higher potency. The visual characteristics were easily identifiable, standing with a much thicker, dense stem and a pale underdeveloped cap. The rarity of this mushroom, partly due to how difficult is is to grow, combined with the exceptional potency, make Penis Envy one of the most desirable, sought-after mushrooms to consume. The strain delivers a intense high with strong visuals. It may seem slow to kick in at first but when it hits it packs a punch!
  • TRENDING Golden Teacher Product Picture

    Golden Teachers

    From: $11.00

    Golden Teachers

    Golden Teachers are a favorite among all psychedelic enthusiasts. They originated in the 1980's, and have become very popular since. The large stems and golden caps, with specks of yellow, make it a very recognizable species. It is known to be highly potent, with good visuals and euphoric effects. These mushrooms offer a reliable, 'high' quality trip.


When you microdose on magic mushrooms, it means that you are taking small amounts of raw or dried psychedelic mushrooms or psilocybin edibles once every few days. The result is that you will feel the benefits of the active hallucinogen psilocybin without the debilitating effects.

When microdosing, you can use raw or dried hallucinogenic mushrooms that you can farm or forage. You can also buy psilocybin edibles and other convenient delivery systems from dispensaries like ours.

Microdosing is unlike the casual or recreational use of shrooms for a trip where you take a significantly substantial amount of shrooms. Having a complete psilocybin trip affects your body’s ability to function. On the other hand, when you microdose, there will be no disabling effects.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. It is a chemical compound that has been studied in labs for decades as it is a hallucinogen that significantly affects the brain.  

Psilocybin has been found out to help in the treatment of numerous mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.

You can benefit from psilocybin when you microdose. Microdosing psilocybin lessens your feelings of fear, anxiousness, nervousness, and stress while not affecting your ability to function or work.

People who microdose on shrooms testify that they have become pleasant all day as they can manage their stress efficiently. When you microdose on psilocybin, you will have a happy demeanour combined with an awakened mental state that can help you in your career and relationships.

The most recommended way for beginners is to microdose using 125mg Microdose portions of psilocybin product per intake. The effects of a 125mg portion can last up to the next day and the other.

Like most substances, you can gain a tolerance with psilocybin, hence, it is vital to see to it that you gradually increase your dose if you have to.

To make sure that you are not jumping too high with doses, gently transition to a Low Dose portion or 250mg of psilocybin content per dosage. When done well, you can even transition back to Microdose products and move back and forth between doses.

We recommend that you follow the JT Protocol. Take 125mg on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and stick to the schedule for two months. Then, use the same schedule but with 250mg for one month. After that month, take one week off dosing and return to using our Microdose products.

Technically, yes, especially for microdosing.

Raw and dried mushrooms can vary significantly in size and psilocybin concentrations. In addition, raw or dried magic mushrooms taste and smell gross, and have unpleasant textures.

Also, when you are foraging, there is always the risk of accidentally using poisonous species. Farming can also take too much time and effort if you are not a gardening enthusiast in the first place.

The best way to microdose is by using efficiently metered products that are consistent and pleasant to use like gummies, capsules, and liquids.

You can buy psilocybin microdose edibles and other convenient delivery systems here in our online store. Check our menu and choose whether you want a Microdose (125mg psilocybin) or Low Dose (250mg psilocybin) product.

The Magic World of Psilocybin

Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Psilocybin

Relieve yourself from anxiety and stress.

Eliminate Anxiety

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in our Low Dose gummies, capsules, and liquids, is effective in removing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. It uplifts the mind and gives you a state of euphoria and happiness.

Effective Treatment

Medical tests have proven psilocybin an efficient and effective treatment for people suffering from clinical depression and other mental illnesses. The compound rebalances and resets the brain of patients.

Inspires Creativity

Psilocybin rewires neurotransmitters and activates dormant regions of the brain, giving a user new ideas, emotions, and solutions. It provides the user with an uplifted outlook that triggers creativity and inspiration.

Microdosing for Depression

Psilocybin has been called in the scientific community as a breakthrough therapy in curing depression. You can have the benefits of the active compound by microdosing on our Low Dose products.

Non-Addictive Trips

For people looking out to have recreational or casual trips, magic mushrooms and psilocybin edibles are the safest hallucinogens to use as they are not addictive and the active compound is all-natural and unharmful.

Useful Resources

Check out our resources and learning materials about magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing. You will always find something helpful in our guide pages that you can use in your psilocybin microdosing journey.

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