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Keep yourself happy and mindful with psilocybin microdose delivery systems. We deliver fast and direct to the Sunshine Province! Live your life without stress and anxiety with our efficient and convenient microdosing products.

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If you’re ever in Alberta, Canada, you wouldn’t have to think about leaving your home or lodging to buy the psilocybin supplement that you need. All you need to do is visit the North Coast Remedies website, select a product, and we will drop your remedy right at your doorstep. 

We are the most convenient online store for psilocybin microdose medicines in AB, Canada. Our goal is to make it easier for you to get your hands on microdose gummies, liquids and pills.

No, we don’t. Our products have a particular legal hazard that comes from their definition as psychoactive substances or psychedelics, and certain jurisdictions deem psilocybin tabu or consider it among illegal commodities, disallowing it to be imported, possessed or sold. 

For the welfare of our company and clients, if you are located outside Canada, we can not be shipping you psilocybin goods. We will only deliver to you when you’re in Canada.

We recommend that you follow the JT Protocol.

Take 125mg Microdoses on a Monday morning, then on Wednesday, and a Saturday, and stick to the schedule for two months. Then, use the same schedule but with Low Dose (250mg) for one month.

After that month, take one week off and return to using our Microdose products, restarting the cycle.

We utilise psilocybe cubensis as an unprocessed material for our consumables. North Coast Remedies is at the edge of psilocybin processing technologies, and we have discovered the most effective way of extracting fresh and safe psilocybin extract.  We use pure extract to make our edible products and liquid drops, combining them with quality materials to give you efficient and pleasant microdoses. We collect raw organic psilocybe cubensis for our capsules, dry them, grind the dried material and contain the powder in high-quality food-grade pills for easy use.  

You can purchase psilocybin goods, such as fresh and dried magic mushrooms, gummies, formulas, pills and other products openly in Alberta, Canada. You don’t have to worry about the prospect of arrest because the police and the government tolerate the use of magic mushrooms and psilocybin in the Sunshine Province.

If you’re in Alberta and you’re seeking to microdose for better mental health that is void of stress, anxiety and depression, look no further. Just order from our store. 

We have all your microdosing requirements, materials, and learning resources. Our website is not just an online store but a rich source of microdosing information and guides.


Excellent Microdose Products in Alberta

Are you in Alberta and trying to look for quality psilocybin microdose products? Enjoy a remarkable life in the princess province with psilocybin supplements. We have convenient gummies, liquid, and capsules suited for your regular intake.

Scientifically-Proven Products

Microdose healthy with our clinically validated and expertly crafted psilocybin treatments made from organic mushrooms.

Convenient Delivery to Alberta

We implement fast and direct shipment to Alberta. We use Xpresspost to send your items within 2-4 days.

Guides for Microdosing

Our website is your guide for anything psilocybin-related. Check out our information pages for helpful information.


High-Quality Products

Our psilocybin treatment options are created from psychedelic mushroom extract or material. We have the simplest-to-use psilocybin supplements in AB, Canada and throughout Canada – edibles, pills, and liquid. 


Microdose Options

Our online shop has the best choices for psilocybin microdose beginners. We provide Microdose items, such as edibles, pills and blended liquids, which contain an equivalent of 125mg of pure psilocybin per serving.  
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Low Dose Options

For more experienced psilocybin users, we supply low-dose products in our store – completely obtainable in Alberta. We have edibles, capsules and fluids containing 250mg of 100% safe and clean psilocybin per dosage. 


Psilocybin Gummy Candies

Microdose with this lovely and delicious psilocybin treat in AB, Canada. Our candy comes in bright orange and deep grape flavours that you’ll love. They are available at concentrations of Microdose (125mg) and Low Dose (250mg) doses.

Psilocybin Liquid

This liquid microdosing formula is fast-acting and effective. This delivery method uses 100% all-natural psilocybin extract with doses of 125mg (Microdose) or 250mg (Low Dose) per 3ml serving. Choose from grape, lemon, and cherry flavours.  

Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose on our convenient microdosing capsule. Our magic pills are one of the most effective means of delivering psilocybin. Take these supplements every two to three days in the morning for stress-free days and better moods.

How it Works


Choose an Option

Choose among our wide variety of microdose psilocybin and edibles. We have edibles, tablets, and liquid formulas that are suitable for use in microdosing. With our products, you can take psilocybin doses easily and comfortably, without the bad taste of shrooms. We have the Microdose and Low Dose variants for beginners and experienced users, respectively.


We Prepare Your Order

Once you have indicated the appropriate psilocybin item that you need, we will begin preparing your order. We will ensure it is packaged safely and ready for fast and discreet delivery. You will only get the best psilocybin products from us. We produce our items using the latest scientifically-proven method in extracting psilocybin from raw mushrooms.


Delivery - Fast and Direct

If you are in Alberta and you are ordering from our store, you don’t have to wait long, and you should expect your shipment to arrive between 2-4 business days. We assure you that your order is processed correctly and shipped safely, with secure and discreet wrapping for your privacy. If you order items worth $149 and above, we will ship to you for FREE.


Microdosing Guides

When your items reach you, go straight to our website to find guides, informative content, microdosing success stories and expert tips to help you enjoy your psilocybin products better. We’ve got the best information and educational resources for microdosing. Whether you’re in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada, we can help you have an excellent microdosing experience.


Enjoy Life

Have fun with any of our psilocybin products. Experience improved moods, relieve stress and anxiety, eliminate addictions, and cure mental illness. Our products can help improve cognition, creativity, and productivity. With psilocybin microdose products, you can have a better experience in your career, relationships, and life in general.

Top Quality Microdosing Products in AB

Hassle-Free Delivery Systems

We offer top-quality psilocybin microdosing delivery systems in Alberta, Canada. Our products are safe, effective, and efficient for microdosing.

Direct Shipping to Alberta

If you're in AB, Canada, all you have to do is order from our store and checkout. Then we'll deliver your items to your door, fast and convenient.

Useful Guides

Find out here about how you can maximise your psilocybin journey with our online tools and informative reference pages.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

A Magical Time in Alberta

Microdose your way to a better life.

Stress Removal

Living in our modern world frequently provides anxiety to people, and many become depressed and burnt out. Psilocybin is scientifically proven to help in stress reduction and mood management. Microdose on psilocybin to feel better.

Efficient Therapy

For many years, treatment-resistant depression patients and those with MDD or Major Depressive Disorder struggled to find the right therapy that will help them. Fortunately, science has recently proven that psilocybin is the miracle drug they have been waiting for.

Inspired & Creative

Humans share a long history with shrooms. Our ancestors have been using the psychedelic to gain spiritual awareness and awakening, which is now being sought for by artists, great minds, and creative people. Inspire creativity with microdosing.

Microdosing Benefits

Microdosing is taking small amounts of psilocybin in metered intervals so that you will experience the benefits of the chemical without the debilitating effects of a full psychedelic trip. We have the best products to use for microdosing.

Excellent for Leisure

Tripping on shrooms can be powerful, giving casual or recreational users heightened awareness, spiritual-like connections, enriched euphoria, and hallucinations. The good thing is that psilocybin is not addictive and entirely safe to use for fun.

Microdosing Guidance & Help

If you need any help or assistance in microdosing, you can count on our website for the latest and most accurate information about everything psilocybin. Leave your contact information for emails, visit our FAQs section, or read our resources pages.

FREE SHIPPING for orders $149 and up

100% safe and effective

Excellent for Microdosing