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Get Your Psilocybin Fix in Ontario!

Experience better days in Steeltown with a natural stress remedy from magic mushrooms. Microdose with the most effective and convenient psilocybin delivery systems from our dispensary. We ship fast and secure to any part of Ontario.

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If you’re in ON, Canada, you don’t have to think about leaving your home to buy the psilocybin microdosing items you need. All you have to do is check the North Coast Remedies site, choose an item, and we ship your fix right at your door.

We are the most convenient online store for psilocybin microdose drugs in Ontario. Our job is making it easy for you to get your hands on microdose gummies, liquids, and capsules.

No. Our items have a legal vulnerability that comes along their origin as psychoactive drugs or psychedelics, and many regions regard psilocybin tabu and classify it as an unlawful item to be shipped, owned or sold.

For our legal protection and security of our clients, if you are currently outside of Canada, we can not give you any psilocybin medication. We’re only going to ship to you if you’re in someplace within Canada.

We ship everywhere throughout Canada, including Ontario, Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

We make discreet, anonymous packaging for your privacy and protection. If there are no undesired delays (COVID-caused or others), we will make sure that your order arrives right at your doorstep around one to three working days.

Indeed, we use psilocybe cubensis as the raw material for our goods. North Coast Remedies is at the frontline of psilocybin extraction technology, and we have created the most effective way to harvest clean and pure psilocybe cubensis extract. We use the ingredient to produce our gummies and liquid drops, combining them with the finest ingredients to provide you with easy microdoses. For our capsules, we pick up raw organic psilocybe cubensis by hand, dry them, grind the dried material and place the powder in high-quality food-grade containers for easy use.  

Psilocybin products, like fresh and dried magic mushrooms, candies, liquids, capsules and other items, can be bought in ON, Canada without the possibility of arrest. The officials, the police and the government, are tolerating the use of magic mushrooms and psilocybin in ON.

If you are in ON and are looking for microdosing items to support your mental health and rid yourself of stress, anxiety and depression, search no further. Simply order from our website.

We’ve got all your microdosing needs, goods, and learning opportunities. We’re the best choice in ON.


Psilocybin Items, ON

In ON and looking for your microdose remedy? Enjoy the landscapes of Ontario with better moods and zero stress, using our gummies, liquid, and capsules. We are your most convenient gateway to better living with psilocybin.

Efficient Products

Microdose efficiently with our scientifically-tested and expertly crafted psilocybin products made from organic mushrooms.

Direct Shipping to ON

We've got quick and easy direct shipping to ON. Expect that your items are shipped safely to your doorstep.

Microdosing Resources

Our website is your guide for everything psilocybin. Browse our reference pages for valuable knowledge on microdosing.


Best Quality Items

Each one of our psilocybin supplements uses 100 % pure and healthy natural hand-picked magic mushroom extract. We have the most easy-to-use psilocybin medicines in Ontario and throughout Canada.


Microdose Items

Our online shop has the best products for beginners to psilocybin oral dosing. We have Microdose products, including edibles, capsules and flavoured liquids containing 125mg of natural psilocybin per serving.

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Low Dose Items

For more seasoned customers, we sell Low Dose products in our shop-completely accessible in ON. We have gummies, capsules, and liquid that contain 250mg of 100% safe and clean psilocybin per dosage.


Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose with this lovely and delicious psilocybin treats in Ontario. Our candies come in tart orange and sweet grape flavours, which you’ll love. They are available in doses of Microdose (125 mg) and Low Dose (250 mg).


Psilocybin Liquid

Our microdosing solution is fast-acting and effective. The solution uses flavoured all-natural psilocybin extract 125mg (Microdose) or 250mg (Low Dose) per 3ml. Choose from our flavours: lemon, grape and sour cherry.


Psilocybin Capsules

Microdose on our pleasant little pill. Our magic capsules are among the most effective delivery mechanisms for psilocybin. Take them like vitamins every two or three days in the morning for the best results.

How it Works


Have Your Choice

Choose among our wide variety of microdose psilocybin products and edibles. We have gummies, capsules, and liquid drops that are appropriate for microdose consumption. You can use psilocybin reliably and safely with our goods, without the bitter taste of shrooms. We have the Microdose and Low Dose that you can choose from.


We Prepare Your Order

Once you have identified the suitable psilocybin product you require, we will safely and discreetly prepare your order for shipping. We promise that you’ll only receive the best quality psilocybin products. We use the best method to extract psilocybin in our laboratory, ensuring that our products contain pure, all-natural extracts from real shrooms.


Quick and Direct Delivery

If you order from ON, you don’t have to wait long, and you can expect your order to come as soon as 2-4 business days. We ensure that your order is adequately handled and shipped efficiently, with the excellent and discreet wrapping for your privacy. Buy $149 worth of products for FREE delivery.


Resources for Microdosing

When you receive your order, you can return to our website and find instructions, informative content, testimonials, and expert advice on how to make your purchases more enjoyable. We’ve got the latest research and learning resources for microdosing. If you’re in ON or elsewhere in Canada, we’ve got what you need to enjoy your psilocybin journey.


Have Fun

Have fun with our products and have a great time with psilocybin. Experience improved moods, alleviate stress and anxiety, help with addictions and mental disorders. Increase creativity, job performance, and strengthen relationships. It all starts with you-without anxiety and mental disorders. You’re going to live a better, more happy and productive life.

The Best Microdosing Products in Ontario

Convenient Delivery Systems

Our psilocybin items are of the highest quality. They are laboratory checked and clinically approved.

Direct to ON Shipping

If you're in Ontario, simply place your order, and we'll send psilocybin products directly to you - no hassle.

Useful Guides

Find out more on how to enhance your psilocybin experience with our detailed resources and guides pages.

The Amazing World of Psilocybin

Experience Magic in Ontario

Microdose your way to a better life.

Stress Reduction

Psilocybin is shown in clinical trials to improve mood and decrease anxiety levels. Benefit from using our psilocybin products to feel better all day. Microdose and lead a stress-free lifestyle with improved mood and increased consciousness.

Effective Treatment

For decades, most people with depression have always failed to find the right treatment. Latest medical evidence has shown that psilocybin is helpful to those who are resistant to treatment or who have MDD or major depressive disorder.

Boost Creativity

Since prehistoric times, until now, people have often used shrooms as an entheogen for spiritual awakening. Many creative people, such as artists, creators, and intellectual influencers, are using magic mushrooms for inspiration.

Positive Outcomes of Microdosing

If you microdose, you'll experience the benefits of psilocybin, but to the point that doesn't prevent you from working - you won't have any slowing side effects. Reduce anxiety and boost mood by microdosing with efficient products.

Safe for Leisure

When you use psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin products for a ride, you will experience psychedelic perceptions and hallucination while feeling an intensified sense of euphoria. Although the effect might be intense, you will not become addicted.

Guide & Support for Microdosing

Suppose you have a few questions or curiosities about psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing for mood improvement or anxiety removal. In that case, please go to our FAQs page or our resources pages for the information you need.

FREE SHIPPING for orders $149 and up

100% safe and effective

Excellent for Microdosing