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Start low
Acquire MICRO-dose Products

When starting a microdosing journey, it would be best to start low with 125mg of psilocybin. The most efficient delivery systems are our edibles, liquid, and capsules.


Microdosing efficiency
Use the Right Schedule

We recommend that you take a dose once every two to three days. The most preferred time to dose is in the morning so your sleeping pattern will not be affected.


A better you with psilocybin
Uplifting Effects

The effects of your dose will linger for two to three days and you will experience less stress in your life. Have fun with the benefits of psilocybin.


Start With a MICRO-DOSE

Do not shock your system, especially when you are microdosing for the first time. Use 125mg of shrooms or delivery systems that contain the same amount of psilocybin. Start low and keep it that way for as long as possible.

Efficiency and Consistency is Key!

Are you afraid that you might use the wrong amount of shrooms? That is a valid concern as you can have accidental trips or build a tolerance because of wrong doses. Use more efficient and consistent delivery methods available in our store.

You Can Switch to a LOW-DOSE

If you need to increase, whether you are already confident in your microdosing discipline or not finding a 125mg dose effective, you can switch to using 250mg psilocybin content with shrooms, edibles and other delivery systems.

We Have the Products You Need!

You can avoid dosing mistakes, bad shroom taste, gut-rot, and all the hassles of microdosing by using efficient delivery systems available in our store. We have scientifically-tested and expertly-made LOW-dose, 250mg psilocybin products for your convenience.

Benefit From Microdosing

After years of research, the scientific community has finally proven how psilocybin helps people in their mental health. Microdose to relieve stress, improve your mood, have better focus, and live a pleasant and fun life.

Relief From Anxiety

Psilocybin resets and rebalances the brain, relieving it from a depressive state.

Enhanced Creativity

It opens new neural pathways and reactivate dormant areas, increasing mindfulness.

No Risk of Addiction

Unlike other psychoactive substances, psilocybin is safe to use.

Natural Therapy

Mother nature has given us psilocybin as a gift. It is non-artificial and organic.

How to use our products

When you are using psilocybin gummies, you can microdose efficiently with consistent amounts of the active ingredient and with added deliciousness. They are convenient to use for your microdosing needs.

Whether you are using MICRO (125mg) or MACRO (250mg) dose gummies, you should avoid taking doses everyday as you might build a high and unwanted tolerance to the treatment. Take one gummy in the morning every two to three days.

You wouldn’t need to take more within the day and the next because its effects will linger up to about the second day after. Taking a gummy three times a week with uniform intervals is enough.

It is recommended that you dose in the morning during your schedule so you can maximise the effects and your sleep will not be disturbed.

Store your microdosing gummies in a cool, dry place, and away from children.


Using liquid psilocybin formula is a highly convenient and efficient way to microdose. Liquid formula is fast-acting and consistent in psilocybin delivery. Our MICRO-dose liquid contains 125mg of psilocybin per 3ml dose and the MACRO option has 250mg of psilocybin for the same measure of fluid.

Take 3ml of the psilocybin liquid using the metered medicine dropper that comes with the bottle. Dose once every two to three days or thrice a week and take it in the morning for best results.

Avoid taking more than the recommended amount so that you won’t build a high and unwanted tolerance.

Store your psilocybin liquid in a cool, dry place. Keep your psilocybin product away from children.

The shroom capsules from our store are actual powdered dried shrooms encased in pharmacy-grade pills. They are significantly easy to use for consistent and effective microdosing.

Whether you have the MICRO (125mg) or MACRO (250mg) dose capsules, all you need to do is take one pill in the morning three times a week for the best results. The effects of your dose will linger for about two days after intake.

Do not take the pill daily or you risk building a high and unwanted tolerance to psilocybin, which will lead to an inability to enjoy psilocybin in safe amounts.

Store your capsules in a cool, dry place for safety. Put your capsules away from children’s reach.

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Psilocybin Gummies

Microdose with this pleasant and yummy psilocybin treat. Each bottle contains orange and grape flavoured psilocybin gummies. With our gummies, you can say goodbye to the ugly taste of raw magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin Liquid

Use our liquid psilocybin formula for faster delivery and efficient microdosing. We have three available flavours including grape, cherry, and lemon. Microdose without the nasty taste of dried or raw shrooms.

Shroom Capsules

Our magic pills are made with 100% pure ground dried psilocybe cubensis inside food-grade capsules. With this delivery system, you will get the all-natural effects of psilocybin without any hassle or trouble.

Pioneers of Microdosing Product Technology

We are shroom technology pioneers in Canada, using the latest developments in psilocybin extraction and product innovation. Our advocacy is to improve people’s mental health with efficient and quality delivery systems.

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Are you looking for psilocybin treatments and guides? North Coast Remedies is Canada’s No.1 shroom expert, providing top-grade psilocybin delivery systems and learning resources for convenient and safe microdosing. 

When you are using psilocybin microdose products, you should avoid taking them daily or else you will grow a high and unwanted tolerance to the treatment. The best way is to take portions once every 2 – 3 days. If you are living with a family, especially with kids, do not leave your bottle of psilocybin products unattended, especially the gummies.  Do not bring your psilocybin items to places outside of Canada or you might get arrested for drug trafficking in borders. Remember that not all jurisdictions are tolerant of psilocybin use and most countries consider the drug taboo.  

Avoid using other psychoactive substances and hard drugs when microdosing. Remember that the point of using psilocybin is a healthier mental state.

Substances like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, and others can potentially negate or over-amplify some of psilocybin’s effects on the brain.

If you are taking other medications, you should check with your doctor before trying to microdose on psilocybin.

Only people who frequently abuse psilocybin would have to stop using it before they become at risk for a serious withdrawal syndrome.

If you are microdosing, you can continually use psilocybin without worry. Just ensure that you are following the right dosage and schedule.

In Canada, you can buy treatment-grade psilocybin products with a prescription. Dispensaries like ours openly sell shrooms and shroom products online or in physical stores.

Even if shrooms are illegal on paper, the Canadian government and police force tolerate the use of psilocybin in the country and they are more concerned in eliminating hard drugs and other more serious crimes.

Yes, if you find the effects of your dose long-lasting enough for you. The less you need to take, the better.

While thrice a week is the recommended intake that works for most people, always keep in mind that the individual differences in metabolism and physical size per person can matter.


For some people, effects may be felt in two weeks, and for some, eight weeks later. There are people who will not feel physical effects but the people around them will notice the user’s improved mood and happy disposition.

Wild, raw, or dried shrooms vary in size and psilocybin consistency and they can be a trouble to use for strict microdosing. There are risks, especially when foraging wild shrooms as you might have accidental poisoning or ingesting of heavy psilocybin concentration.

Shrooms are also bad to the taste and can cause gut-rot and stomach irritation.

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We have all of the information and guides that you need for successful microdosing. We see to it that you are not only getting the best products in Canada, but that you are using your treatments correctly and safely. Visit our resource pages and send us your email ad for updates.
Efficiency is Key

In microdosing, the most important principle you must apply is efficiency. Your doses have to be consistent in amount and intervals so that you will have the full benefits and avoid risking yourself developing a tolerance to psilocybin. You can do so by using expertly-measured products.

Use the Right Products

Using raw or dried shrooms for microdosing is risky. Shrooms vary in size, type, and psilocybin concentrations. Use convenient and efficient products that are made to suit proper microdosing.

Microdose for a Better Life

When psilocybin enters the brain, it reactivates neural pathways that have been dormant. The compound excites the neurotransmitters, making new pathways, giving the brain a workout.

As a result, the brain experiences a ‘reset’ that gives the user a feeling of restoration. Anxiety is a result of an imbalanced brain chemistry and psilocybin restores the balance, eliminating the condition.

When you microdose, you will get the benefits of psilocybin without the debilitating effects of a full psychedelic high. While the same activities do rewire your brain, of course, a trip will have more amplified experiences.

Microdosing will give you mood enhancement and stress relief but without the strong hallucinations of a psilocybin trip. When you are high on shrooms, your mixed-up sense of perception and visualisations can disallow you from driving properly or even walking straight. 

Yes, it can. When you microdose on psilocybin you will have a clearer mind that results in better focus and improved memory. Shrooms, in fact, attract creative people and known intellectuals who are trying to find inspiration from a psilocybin trip and have a life-changing experience for enhanced creativity.

When you microdose on psilocybin, you can expect to have the mind enhancement benefits of shrooms but without getting the ‘drunk’ feeling.

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